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Kaizen - Japanese for 'improvement'. When implemented in the workplace, Kaizen activities help to improve the running of a business.

Kanban - Japanese for 'visible record'. In industry, a manufacturing system which is regulated by the use of cards or boards which contain specifications and instructions for the production process of goods.

Keiretsu - In Japan, an alliance of companies or organisations which own shares in one another as a means of security, but each individual company operates independently.

Kerb Market - In the US, the buying and selling of shares in companies which are not listed on the stock exchange. In the UK, the buying and selling of stocks and shares outside official trading hours.

Kettling - Term which is used to describe the police tactic of penning protesters into an area by forming a barrier around them and refusing to let them out.

Key Account - In business, a company's main client or customer, who represents a large percentage of the company's income.

Keyword Advertising - Used on the Internet. When a user types in a particular 'keyword', an advertisement which is linked to a business relevant to that word, is displayed alongside the search engine results.

Kickback - A bribe or illegal payment made to someone in exchange for a successful referral for a job or transaction.

Kidult - An adult who enjoys films, games, TV, clothes, etc., which are deemed more suitable for children or much younger people.

Killer App - Short for Killer Application. Derives from the computer industry. A new product or service which is the first in its category and therefore dominates that particular market, creating huge returns on the initial investment.

Kitemark - In the UK, the official mark of approval by the British Standards Institution, to show that a product or service is safe, reliable and of good quality.

Knocking Copy - In advertising, the criticism or attacking of a competitor or a rival product.

Knock-Off - An unauthorised copy of a product, usually designer clothing.

Knowledge Base - In a computer system, a database with a store of information, facts and rules which can be used for problem-solving.

Knowledge Worker - Also known as an Intellectual Worker. A person who is employed by a company to use their brain and intellect to work with information, rather than performing manual tasks.

Kudos - Common management term meaning positive recognition, praise or fame - from the Greek word kydos, meaning glory.

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