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Jasdaq - Japanese Association of Securities Dealers Automated System. Japanese securities exchange, the headquarters of which are situated in Tokyo.

Job Costing - A system of calculating the cost of each individual job or project carried out by a business, includes time, labour, materials, etc.

Job Lock - A situation in which a person feels they cannot leave their job because they are afraid of losing benefits connected to the job.

Job Protected Leave - Allows people to officially take time off from their work for a longer period without the fear of losing their job, often because of illness or pregnancy.

Job Sharing - A work schedule in which two or more people voluntary do one full-time job, sharing the work and dividing the hours between them.

Joint Consultation - An organisational decision-making
process in the UK, where managers and employees representatives, usually from unions, meet to discuss matters relating to the employees working conditions, etc.

Joint Stock Company - A company or organisation owned by joint shareholders, which is a type of corporation and partnership. The stockholders run the company and share its profits and debts.

Junk Bond - Also known as High Yield Bonds. A high risk bond with a high interest rate, often used by companies to raise finances in order to take over other companies.

Just-In-Time - JIT. A manufacturing system in which materials and components are delivered immediately before they are required, in order to increase efficiency, reduce waste and minimise storage costs.

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